It’s easy to wonder if bongs are better than joints. Curious smokers want to learn why and if it’s true.

Most people don’t even know what water pipes are, let alone have any idea why they’re even better than cigarettes. Here are some of the truths behind why bongs are better than cigarettes.
The coolness factor

Nothing makes a person look cooler than a water pipe. Water pipes have been around for a long time, but only those who take their smoking seriously usually own one.
There are bongs made out of plastic that come in funky colors. Then, there are glass water pipes that are stained or come in these unique shapes or designs. There are plenty of them out there to choose from.

Whichever type of water pipe a person chooses, a bong is always one of those great pieces a person can have to show that he or she is a smoking aficionado.

A smoother hit
The problem a lot of people have when smoking joints is that it hurts their throat. For some people, smoking a cigarette is like inhaling smoke from wood through one’s throat. This is where the water pipe comes in.

A bong is better because it delivers a much smoother hit to the user. The water pipe uses the water to help cool the smoke. The cooler smoke is a lot easier on the lungs. In fact, most people can’t even tell the difference between inhaling air through the mouth and inhaling smoke that comes from a bong. People can never get that same experience from smoking a cigarette.

glass percolator precooler

Bong precoolers are also known as ashcatchers but the two aren’t really the same despite what other people say. Although they’re both attached to the bong and pretty much regarded as accessories rather than essential elements of the equipment, you’ll find that having them makes your weed sessions so much better.

The difference between the two is their use and eventually, the results of adding them to your bong. A precooler, as the name suggests, will ‘cool’ the smoke so that you’ll get that smooth and comfortable hit from the weed. Yes – a downstem does pretty much the same thing, but precoolers will provide you with a better temperature as opposed to the downstem.


percolator precooler for glass bong

Ashcatchers, on the other hand, mean exactly what they say. They catch the ash that falls off the bong bowl and essentially help with the filtration. If you often find yourself inhaling a hint of ash with each hit, the ashcatcher should be the solution to this problem as it manages to filter what goes through the bong.

When comparing the two however, there’s hardly any question as to which is the better choice. Many weed users note that they’d take a precooler over an ashcatcher any day and if they can have both, then they’re definitely luckier than most.

Your Pre-Cooler Options

As already mentioned, precoolers are simply additional accessories which means you can easily use your bong without it. If you’re a real connoisseur however, a precooler is definitely something you’ll find necessary for your weed sessions.

Now, there are lots of precooler products out in the market today. Thanks to their popularity, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding precoolers that would meet your standards when it comes to size. Often attached to the downstem, they come in the same basic sizes of small, medium, and large. You can find bong precooler in the UK at several online shops, cheap prices are often favoured and you can get some really high quality glass precoolers around the UK.

The material used also varies, the best one usually molded from glass. Obviously, you’ll also find ones made from plastic and others made from bamboo.

Cheap Prices

Precoolers are pretty cheap, giving you the chance to easily change one if you’re unhappy with the results. Since they’re the first place where the smoke passes, it’s not unusual for precoolers to accumulate resin inside which might need cleaning. They can be tough to clean though, so it’s best to just change them for a newer model if they become too tough to wash. Fortunately, the prices of precoolers today are as cheap as $15, making them easily replaceable.

glass precooler for bong bong precoolers

Most people who buy weed seeds online expect a discreet postage and shipping option, but there have been horror stories of customers buying these weed seeds only to find the police at there door! And no, the police did not make the delivery that was expected!

So how can you make sure that your cannabis seeds show up as expected in a plain unmarked envelope? You have to go to a real seed store to buy weed seeds discreetly – StickySeeds. They have been in the business for a very long time, five years plus I believe, and they always offer discreet shipping. In fact, they do not ‘offer’ then just do it, every time.

I would strongly suggest that when you find the right weed seed shop that you stick to them and avoid ordering around purely for the best deal. While cheap cannabis seeds are always tempting, it is not always the best idea when purchasing such an important item such as these!

I understand that I am not alone when I say how surprised I was to find out that cannabis seeds are not illegal. While a quick Yahoo questions forum is not the place to really get legal advice from, you only need to take a look around the internet to find that weed seeds are being sold discreetly over the internet with no issues.

When I bought my first batch I felt very strange indeed! The packet had plants all over it, there was not denying what they were. I believe they are all produced in Amsterdam as that is one of the only places on Earth where you can do this sort of thing.
cannabis seeds
Of course after you find and buy weed seeds for sale online you are perfectly legal, but there are still laws in place. As soon as a weed seed is germinated you are breaking the law. I will not say how to germinate a seed here and that would be a little dodgy, like I said that part is very illegal in the UK and parts of the USA without a permit. But even with a permit you might still get murdered by an American cop. I’m glad I don’t live there!

So if you are looking for weed seeds discreetly then I suggest heading over to StickySeeds, they are a great company based in the UK who operate five days a week and provide pretty cheap prices on their blueberry & AK47 seeds.

Thanks to being connected by the internet us cannabis smokers are now able to get closer to legalizing marijuana than ever. But at the same time it is easy for the plebs to ruin all the hard work people do. For example, Miley Cyrus.

Another good thing about being online is that when newspapers publish propaganda we can share it and raise awareness of their evil plans. Over at high times there is currently an article circling about a ‘dangerous new trend’ which bashes cannabis users in an unreal way, we haven’t seen anything this bad since the ‘jazz days’! If you have not seen the crazy adverts from the early 60’s you really ought to check them out on YouTube. People must of been much stupider back then if any of them actually believed what they saw. Also, what is with the way those guys talk! I mean the commentators on these propaganda adverts, they sound very strange!

oh dear

best glass bong for sale
Have you ever put thought in to starting up your computer to buy bong online? Just take a look at the internet and search google, you will find several online bong stores that are offering different styled glass bongs for sale, but the best by far is HerbTools. They provide really fast customer support, I once had an issue with not knowing what precooler to buy for my bong, I never bothered to ask what size so I went for it and unfortunately got the wrong one. I’ve had bad expierencings with customer support online in the past so I was really feeling stressed about having to return this precooler. I sent over a message to them and to my surprise I had all the info I needed plus a returns address in just an hour! From there things went really smoothly and I got the correct size.

What to expect after you buy a bong over the internet

So I put my order through for the bong I just purchased. Needless to say I was ecstatic and as I ordered before 2pm on a Tuesday I was told my bong would be here the next day, I received my tracking info and yes, I had an hour time slot for delivery tomorrow. I was so happy that it was an AM delivery as I had to go out later that day to collect my stoner girlfriend from work, when I told her I was going to buy bong online she was obviously excited to try my new water pipe! I had some special herb I had been saving for around four months for a special occasion and the delivery day tomorrow was the perfect time to smoke it. I went to sleep and waited for the morning. I had this strange dream that I was a glass blower, something I had always thought would be a really cool and fun job, so in the morning I took a look on YouTube and saw this;

Pretty cool stuff. But I didn’t have time between work to start making my own bongs.

The new bong I bought arrived!

So I heard the knock at the door and I ran! I opened up the parcel to my new glass bong and was ready to smoke a huge bowl. Here are some of the stats of my new water pipe:

  • Two Percolators
  • Detachable Ashcatcher
  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • Diffuser downstem and separate bowl

As you can see it is a respectable glass bong with plenty going for it. I got it for around $90CAD which was a bargain for all of the stats listed above. I would really recommend to anyone considering to buy bong online that they check out the selection at HerbTools Online Bong Shop.


This article is a follow on from our recent how to smoke weed – bongs & bubblers post.

  • Think of your health!

Did you know that smoking through a bong drastically reduces the tars and carcinogens that you would inhale through a joint? (assuming you use gross tobacco in your joint). Take a look at an old used glass bong and you will notice that there is a lot of sticky brown stains all around the down pipe and water chamber, this is the tars catching on to the glass, rather than your lungs! The water will also reduce smoke temps, making it smoother and easier to inhale.

bong hit gif

  • Save time!

Busy life style? Or maybe you find rolling a difficult task? Don’t waste time struggling, simply pack a glass bowl, light up and take a killer bong hit. The average bong toke will give the same as around 5-7 puffs on a joint, so expect a serious hit!

  • Look hella cool

The sound of the water bubbling away will make you want to take hits on hits, but be careful, you don’t want to smoke your whole sack in one night!

The best way to inhale cannabis is by using a bong, there are several reasons why these bongs triumph over other methods of smoking weed (such as joints & pipes) but the biggest reasons are health benefits (less tar) and a smoother, cooler smoke (less embarrassing coughing fits!). Bongs are available to buy online and are the best way to smoke weed , it also gets you the highest due to the potential massive smoke delivery, but if you prefer to take tiny bong hits it will still work just as well!

Buy a Bong – The Best Way to Smoke Weed / Hash

glass bongWhether you are smoking weed for the first time or you have been medicating for years, there are many reasons why every smoker should consider bongs for sale online. When using one of these bongs the smoke will pass through a water chamber and the temperature will be drastically reduced allowing your lungs to take in all of the THC without being burnt by hot smoke (so less coughing and bigger smoke inhales!). If health benefits weren’t enough to win you over, you will be pleased to hear that the taste of the smoke will also be much more enjoyable, meaning that if you have some bad tasting weed it will taste much nicer once smoothed out by the bong.

The Joint

jointPerhaps the most common and straightforward way to smoke weed is by rolling a joint. Similar to a filter-free cigarette, dried marijuana plant material can be wrapped inside rolling paper that is exclusively designed for smoking. Smoking a joint does not require a bulky apparatus, and this tends to be a fairly easy way to transport from one place to another. When your joint is already rolled, it can simply be lit up wherever and whenever you like.

Smoker pipes & Bubblers

bubbler pipeMarijuana can also be packed into a glass bubbler (very similar to the previously mentioned bong For people who have a very sensitive pallet, smoking from a pipe eliminates the ash, stale flavor, and burnt sensation that is sometimes reported with rolling paper. Pipes are reusable, and as long as they are taken care of, can be a very economical choice.

Concentrates & Edibles

cannabis concentratesThese are no joke! Edibles and concentrates can be extremely strong and very difficult to judge the strength of. If you get the strength right you can get an amazing high that peaks for hours, but if you get it wrong you could be overly high and incapable of getting any of your daily tasks accomplished! So tread carefully with these.

Regardless if you prefer a smoking experience or not, there are plenty of different ways to experience the benefits of marijuana.

weed smoking

So you are looking for a brand new bong to add to your growing collection, or maybe this is going to be your first piece and have never even used a glass smoking pipe! Either way, it is an exciting time in a smokers life that is sure to make a full grown man act giddy like a child. So you walk on down, or log online, to your favorite smoke or headshop (I recommend a visit to USA or England). Then you feast your eyes upon the awesome range of glass, plastic, ceramic and wood bongs and all the bad vibes from work reside as you feel the weighty, high quality craftsmanship in the smoking apparatus.

what a joint looks like

But, which one do you pick! Maybe you aren’t as indecisive as myself, but sometimes too much choice can make it really hard to pick a product. That is where this site comes in, you will find masses of information regarding the different styles and types of bongs you can buy online. Simply use the navigation at the top of the website to browse our tips and information on all the varied models of glass bongs and accessories. If there is a question we haven’t covered simply get in touch with us and send a request ticket and we will get your questions answered within the week! Also see our facebook page and youtube channel for exclusive interviews and reviews!