Bong Precoolers and Ashcatchers

glass percolator precooler

Bong precoolers are also known as ashcatchers but the two aren’t really the same despite what other people say. Although they’re both attached to the bong and pretty much regarded as accessories rather than essential elements of the equipment, you’ll find that having them makes your weed sessions so much better.

The difference between the two is their use and eventually, the results of adding them to your bong. A precooler, as the name suggests, will ‘cool’ the smoke so that you’ll get that smooth and comfortable hit from the weed. Yes – a downstem does pretty much the same thing, but precoolers will provide you with a better temperature as opposed to the downstem.


percolator precooler for glass bong

Ashcatchers, on the other hand, mean exactly what they say. They catch the ash that falls off the bong bowl and essentially help with the filtration. If you often find yourself inhaling a hint of ash with each hit, the ashcatcher should be the solution to this problem as it manages to filter what goes through the bong.

When comparing the two however, there’s hardly any question as to which is the better choice. Many weed users note that they’d take a precooler over an ashcatcher any day and if they can have both, then they’re definitely luckier than most.

Your Pre-Cooler Options

As already mentioned, precoolers are simply additional accessories which means you can easily use your bong without it. If you’re a real connoisseur however, a precooler is definitely something you’ll find necessary for your weed sessions.

Now, there are lots of precooler products out in the market today. Thanks to their popularity, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding precoolers that would meet your standards when it comes to size. Often attached to the downstem, they come in the same basic sizes of small, medium, and large. You can find bong precooler in the UK at several online shops, cheap prices are often favoured and you can get some really high quality glass precoolers around the UK.

The material used also varies, the best one usually molded from glass. Obviously, you’ll also find ones made from plastic and others made from bamboo.

Cheap Prices

Precoolers are pretty cheap, giving you the chance to easily change one if you’re unhappy with the results. Since they’re the first place where the smoke passes, it’s not unusual for precoolers to accumulate resin inside which might need cleaning. They can be tough to clean though, so it’s best to just change them for a newer model if they become too tough to wash. Fortunately, the prices of precoolers today are as cheap as $15, making them easily replaceable.

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