What is a water pipe and where to buy one

The internet is a powerful tool that lets us all learn about cool new products. But sometimes it can create a bit of confusion. Stoners love to make a little piece of the net their own via forums or blogs like mine. I love to share cannabis information and answer related questions, and it is a good job I do because there is some lingo that really needs clearing up.

water pipes

What is a water pipe

A water pipe is a name that covers any type of smoking pipe that makes use of water. This could be a bong, a shisha pipe or even a small handheld glass bubbler. Check out Smokers plaza to buy a water pipe online. The aim of the tool is to cool down smoke before inhaled, it can be any kind of commonly inhaled smoke. It does this by holding a body of water inside that the smoke passes through.

steve austin

Are there any benefits to using water pipes?

To quote my hero Steve Austin, HELL YEAH. Firstly ensuring the smoke is cool rather than hot is far less damaging for the body. The next benefit is that cooler smoke allows you to really taste what you’re smoking. So make sure you’ve got that high grade! For an alternative shop you can buy bongs at lemon smoke via their online shop.