Finding the coolest ice bongs for sale online

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So you are looking for a brand new bong to add to your growing collection, or maybe this is going to be your first piece and have never even used a glass smoking pipe! Either way, it is an exciting time in a smokers life that is sure to make a full grown man act giddy like a child. So you walk on down, or log online, to your favorite smoke or headshop (I recommend a visit to USA or England). Then you feast your eyes upon the awesome range of glass, plastic, ceramic and wood bongs and all the bad vibes from work reside as you feel the weighty, high quality craftsmanship in the smoking apparatus.

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But, which one do you pick! Maybe you aren’t as indecisive as myself, but sometimes too much choice can make it really hard to pick a product. That is where this site comes in, you will find masses of information regarding the different styles and types of bongs you can buy online. Simply use the navigation at the top of the website to browse our tips and information on all the varied models of glass bongs and accessories. If there is a question we haven’t covered simply get in touch with us and send a request ticket and we will get your questions answered within the week! Also see our facebook page and youtube channel for exclusive interviews and reviews!