How To Smoke Weed – Bongs, Joints & Pipes

The best way to inhale cannabis is by using a bong, there are several reasons why these bongs triumph over other methods of smoking weed (such as joints & pipes) but the biggest reasons are health benefits (less tar) and a smoother, cooler smoke (less embarrassing coughing fits!). Bongs are available to buy online and are the best way to smoke weed , it also gets you the highest due to the potential massive smoke delivery, but if you prefer to take tiny bong hits it will still work just as well!

Buy a Bong – The Best Way to Smoke Weed / Hash

glass bongWhether you are smoking weed for the first time or you have been medicating for years, there are many reasons why every smoker should buy a bong. When using one of these bongs the smoke will pass through a water chamber and the temperature will be drastically reduced allowing your lungs to take in all of the THC without being burnt by hot smoke (so less coughing and bigger smoke inhales!). If health benefits weren’t enough to win you over, you will be pleased to hear that the taste of the smoke will also be much more enjoyable, meaning that if you have some bad tasting weed it will taste much nicer once smoothed out by the bong.

The Joint

jointPerhaps the most common and straightforward way to smoke weed is by rolling a joint. Similar to a filter-free cigarette, dried marijuana plant material can be wrapped inside rolling paper that is exclusively designed for smoking. Smoking a joint does not require a bulky apparatus, and this tends to be a fairly easy way to transport from one place to another. When your joint is already rolled, it can simply be lit up wherever and whenever you like.

Smoker pipes & Bubblers

bubbler pipeMarijuana can also be packed into a glass bubbler (very similar to the previously mentioned bong For people who have a very sensitive pallet, smoking from a pipe eliminates the ash, stale flavor, and burnt sensation that is sometimes reported with rolling paper. Pipes are reusable, and as long as they are taken care of, can be a very economical choice.

Concentrates & Edibles

cannabis concentratesThese are no joke! Edibles and concentrates can be extremely strong and very difficult to judge the strength of. If you get the strength right you can get an amazing high that peaks for hours, but if you get it wrong you could be overly high and incapable of getting any of your daily tasks accomplished! So tread carefully with these.

Regardless if you prefer a smoking experience or not, there are plenty of different ways to experience the benefits of marijuana.