The best method to buy bong online

best glass bong for sale
Have you ever put thought in to starting up your computer to buy bong online? Just take a look at the internet and search google, you will find several online bong stores that are offering different styled glass bongs for sale, but the best by far is HerbTools. They provide really fast customer support, I once had an issue with not knowing what precooler to buy for my bong, I never bothered to ask what size so I went for it and unfortunately got the wrong one. I’ve had bad expierencings with customer support online in the past so I was really feeling stressed about having to return this precooler. I sent over a message to them and to my surprise I had all the info I needed plus a returns address in just an hour! From there things went really smoothly and I got the correct size.

What to expect after you buy a bong over the internet

So I put my order through for the bong I just purchased. Needless to say I was ecstatic and as I ordered before 2pm on a Tuesday I was told my bong would be here the next day, I received my tracking info and yes, I had an hour time slot for delivery tomorrow. I was so happy that it was an AM delivery as I had to go out later that day to collect my stoner girlfriend from work, when I told her I was going to buy bong online she was obviously excited to try my new water pipe! I had some special herb I had been saving for around four months for a special occasion and the delivery day tomorrow was the perfect time to smoke it. I went to sleep and waited for the morning. I had this strange dream that I was a glass blower, something I had always thought would be a really cool and fun job, so in the morning I took a look on YouTube and saw this;

Pretty cool stuff. But I didn’t have time between work to start making my own bongs.

The new bong I bought arrived!

So I heard the knock at the door and I ran! I opened up the parcel to my new glass bong and was ready to smoke a huge bowl. Here are some of the stats of my new water pipe:

  • Two Percolators
  • Detachable Ashcatcher
  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • Diffuser downstem and separate bowl

As you can see it is a respectable glass bong with plenty going for it. I got it for around $90CAD which was a bargain for all of the stats listed above. I would really recommend to anyone considering to buy bong online that they check out the selection at HerbTools Online Bong Shop.