Weed Seeds for Sale – Discreet

Most people who buy weed seeds online expect a discreet postage and shipping option, but there have been horror stories of customers buying these weed seeds only to find the police at there door! And no, the police did not make the delivery that was expected!

So how can you make sure that your cannabis seeds show up as expected in a plain unmarked envelope? You have to go to a real seed store to buy weed seeds discreetly – StickySeeds. They have been in the business for a very long time, five years plus I believe, and they always offer discreet shipping. In fact, they do not ‘offer’ then just do it, every time.

I would strongly suggest that when you find the right weed seed shop that you stick to them and avoid ordering around purely for the best deal. While cheap cannabis seeds are always tempting, it is not always the best idea when purchasing such an important item such as these!

I understand that I am not alone when I say how surprised I was to find out that cannabis seeds are not illegal. While a quick Yahoo questions forum is not the place to really get legal advice from, you only need to take a look around the internet to find that weed seeds are being sold discreetly over the internet with no issues.

When I bought my first batch I felt very strange indeed! The packet had plants all over it, there was not denying what they were. I believe they are all produced in Amsterdam as that is one of the only places on Earth where you can do this sort of thing.
cannabis seeds
Of course after you find and buy weed seeds for sale online you are perfectly legal, but there are still laws in place. As soon as a weed seed is germinated you are breaking the law. I will not say how to germinate a seed here and that would be a little dodgy, like I said that part is very illegal in the UK and parts of the USA without a permit. But even with a permit you might still get murdered by an American cop. I’m glad I don’t live there!

So if you are looking for weed seeds discreetly then I suggest heading over to StickySeeds, they are a great company based in the UK who operate five days a week and provide pretty cheap prices on their blueberry & AK47 seeds.