There has been a lot of hype lately

Thanks to being connected by the internet us cannabis smokers are now able to get closer to legalizing marijuana than ever. But at the same time it is easy for the plebs to ruin all the hard work people do. For example, Miley Cyrus.

Another good thing about being online is that when newspapers publish propaganda we can share it and raise awareness of their evil plans. Over at high times there is currently an article circling about a ‘dangerous new trend’ which bashes cannabis users in an unreal way, we haven’t seen anything this bad since the ‘jazz days’! If you have not seen the crazy adverts from the early 60’s you really ought to check them out on YouTube. People must of been much stupider back then if any of them actually believed what they saw. Also, what is with the way those guys talk! I mean the commentators on these propaganda adverts, they sound very strange!

oh dear